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Lucy girl catahoula dog

My Lucy girl story about tumor mast cell cancer

Lucy girl catahoula dog

My baby…

February 25th, 2017 · 6 Comments · Uncategorized

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Hi everyone, 3 weeks ago we went to the vet for our Gloden Lab mixed with husky baby (of  6 years old) named Hunter.  He was diagnosed with Lymphoma cancer with 6 lymph nodes really big.  It was too late for him to get chemio so we started the prednisone…He last only 2 weeks and half….we had to put him down, Thursday Feb 16th 2017…He was our first dog that we adopted and we really loved him…during the same time I went to see the vet with Lucy (Catahoula dog) the second dog we adopted in Mars 2015…She had that boss on her leg since we adopted her (2 years ago)…the vet was always saying it was probably a lopoma (a mass)…then he suggested we get remove the mass without knowing if it was cancer or not…(1500$) so we decided to go see an other vet to get an other price…that was last Saturday (40 hours after Hunter’s death that we were still crying so much)…she asked me if I wanted to know if it was malign and I said yes…(the other vet over the two years never ask me to get a sample to see if…) Then, I heard that Lucy has a mast cell tumor on her right front leg…I was completely devastated…I couldn’t believe that the other vet never see something that important and never checked if it was cancer… Anyway, today Lucy had her surgery with the other vet…they could not remove the whole tumor since it was twisted in the legs, etc.  She took a sample of her lymphe nodes and will be sending the mass for more results…to know which stage is the cancer…  She talked about amputation or chemio…  At this point, we are still crying our Hunter’s boy and can’t believe that Lucy is still with cancer since the vet could not remove the whole tumor… what do you suggest we do??? We are so lost now…N.B. I am french Canadian and my english is not very good…

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  • benny55

    I am soooooo sorry yiu are dealing with so much grief and trauma!! So very sorry! Yiu are going through a really, really rough time. I’m glad you found this site so we can help support you and, hopefully, offer some suggestions for yiu yourr sweet Lucy.

    Most likely since the surgery didn’t remove the tumor, amputation will be the best way to help Lucy have a quality pain free life

    And by the way, your English is just fine! My typing is really bad though!!!

    So you can get some instant feedback, I suggest you start a “thread” in the forums. Many there have dealt with mass call and can give yiu some good suggestions to help Lucy

    Again, I’m just so sorry to jear about your precious Hunter. I know that he was loved and spoiled and so lucky to have yiu as his furever home. I also know Lucy is loved and spoiled and so lucky to have you as a forever home!!

    Hopefully we can get Lucy the proper treatment so you will have her in your lives for manynyears to come!

    I’m sorry you find yourselves here but, under the circumstances there is no better place to be for support, information, and understanding. And we understand like no others can!

    Love and hugs

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Frankie too!

  • benny55

    Wanted to add, you might want to post under Presentation and Disgnosis. Your title may say something like…..”Lucy has mast cell tumor. Is amputation an option?” Something along those lines.

    Did the Vet give Lucy some good pain meds? Usually here in the States they put them on Tramadol or maybe Gabapentin.

    If you do need to do the amputation for the best outcome, to you jave access to an Orthopedic Surgeon? Also, do you have access to an Oncologist? They both can give you a lot of guidance.

    And when you can, we would love to hear more about your sweet Hunter. We want to celebrate his life with you.

    Sending hugs and love

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Frankie too!

  • traceym

    You have been through a lot in a couple of weeks! So sorry about Hunter – cancer is just awful.

    Does your vet have any feelings regarding Lucy and possible amputation? Is she waiting on the stage of the cancer? How old is Lucy?

    You’ve come to the right place for advice and support – try to take a breath, I know you’re understandably in shock about everything, but you may need more vet info before making a decision about Lucy.

  • kazann

    I’m so sorry to hear this. I’m sure you feel devastated with the loss of Hunter only to learn of Lucy’s tumour. I’m on the other coast on Vancouver Island. Your English is just fine. I suggest you start a post on the forums where you can start your own topic and you’ll probably get more responses. This may be a good spot for your topic:
    Hugs to you and Lucy,
    Kerren and Tripawd Kitty Mona

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